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How Do We Produce Standard and Special Nuts?

Since 2000, we are proud to produce the world's top quality nut fasteners in line with international wholesaler and OEM demands. While running for this purpose, we make standard and special fasteners in our fully integrated facility with our qualified staff. While moving on this path, today's manufacturing methods, trained staff and quality assurance are important for Mertsom.

Modern Production Methods and Qualified Personnel

We attach importance to information sharing and corporate learning with our national and international suppliers in order to manufacture nut fasteners in the most accurate way. We research modern production methods and implement them within our own structure.

While conducting these researches, the importance of qualified personnel has a great place for us. Our executives, who are mostly trained in Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, develop themselves with in-house and female trainings and have the opportunity to follow the sector closely.

We combine our experience from the past with the science of today and make use of modern production technologies. These used modern methods affect the productivity and quality of production positively and bring customer satisfaction to the top in the long term.

We have been guiding our future for over a century.

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International Customer

Years of Experience

Special Drawing Parts

Our Priority is Your Satisfaction

We produce unique parts that appeal to your needs by keeping your satisfaction in the foreground with the cold forging method. For example, special flanged nuts or special welding nuts used in the automotive industry are some of them. These products are not only complementary products of our industry, but also critical parts for many industries.

The quality of these strategically important products has been secured through test methods and equipment certified by international inspection organizations and allow you to use them safely.

The dies and toolings of the parts designed with an approach based on the place of use and user experience are prepared in the molding center of Mertsom Somun in accordance with the appropriate standards with the support of qualified personnel. The molds prepared are stored in our warehouse under long-term cooperation and are kept ready for new demands. In line with your meetings with customer representatives and orders placed electronically, it is taken to the production line and the production is completed as soon as possible.

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