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Special Flange Nuts

Apart from the Mertsom branded standard flanged nuts, we produce special size flanged nuts. While producing these products, they are produced using various nature-friendly raw materials in accordance with the ISO898-2 specification. The marking of our special flanged nuts is made as 04, 05, 6, 8, 10, and 12, with the "C" stamp and accompanying the relevant strength class. These products, which have a wide range of uses, are preferred in many sectors. Some of these are automotive industry, solar energy systems and steel construction.

Production capacity
In the production of special flanged nuts, our factory can manufacture between M4 and M12. According to the ASME standard, it has the ability to produce dimensions between 3/16 and 1/2. We can manufacture up to 5 tons of these product groups per day. Quality control processes start with the first sample and are carried out periodically during the day at regular intervals.

In line with customer demands, thread forms for special flanged nuts can appear as metric, whitworth, and gas threads. Apart from these forms, special production can be made as fine gear or left gear. All products pass and non-pass gauge controls are provided between threading checks.

In addition, we can put the caterpillars, which serve as locking, under special flanged nuts. Thus, it prevents the dismantling process from being under a certain torque value. The form of the caterpillars can be prepared in accordance with the standard or special orders of the customers.

Coating and Quality Control
We can apply coatings with different corrosion resistance to special flanged nuts in line with the needs. Thus, we can determine parameters such as corrosion resistance and friction coefficient. Some of the coatings we make are acidic zinc, alkaline zinc, zinc-nickel or lamellar (Dörken / Magni) coatings. By entering the products below, you can create a demand by selecting the diameter, quality, coating, packaging types and entering the appropriate number. The requests created will be answered by the customer representatives by returning to you as soon as possible.

Special flanged nuts, whose production is completed, are checked by quality engineers and are ready for shipment after final quality control process according to EN10204 specification. Lot number tracking is done in a way that does not exceed 5 years. It can be stored in the archive for up to 10 years for automotive and similar strategic sectors. This information flow is secured by CANIAS integrated ERP software, which covers our entire company.

Regarding the above-mentioned issues, you can discuss your special flanged nut requests with customer representatives in more detail and provide information flow.

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